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      Welcome to Synergy Charter Academy! Synergy Charter Academy opened its doors in 2004 with 120 Kindergarten through 5th-grade students and has grown to enroll over 300 students each year. The origins of SCA began in a local community church. In 2010, we moved from that site into our current location and share space with Quincy Jones Elementary School. 
SCA is a tight-knit community that values education.   Our mission is to cultivate the ability, intellect, and character of each student. We have a village mindset as we know it takes all of us working together to ensure the safety, academic, social, and emotional success of our students. Our scholars are surrounded by phenomenal educators who work hard to see every student succeed. We strive to make each day better and make an authentic difference in the lives of our students, their families, and our local community.
In 2008, Synergy Charter Academy was awarded the Title 1 Academic Award followed by the 2009 California Distinguished School Award, the 2010 National Blue Ribbon Award, the 2013 #1 Urban Elementary School in America by NCUST, the 2013 #1 Charter Elementary School in California by USC's School Performance Dashboard, and the 2018-19 Educational Results Partnership Honor Roll School. As a learning community, we are extremely proud once again to be recognized as a 2020 California Distinguished School. 
Amazing things happen everyday at Synergy Charter Academy!
Jenny Mulligan 

¡Bienvenidos a Synergy Charter Academy! Synergy Charter Academy abrió sus puertas en 2004 con 120 estudiantes de jardín de infantes a quinto grado y ha crecido hasta inscribir a más de 300 estudiantes cada año. Los orígenes de SCA comenzaron en una iglesia comunitaria local. En 2010, nos mudamos de ese sitio a nuestra ubicación actual y compartimos espacio con la Escuela Primaria Quincy Jones.
SCA es una comunidad muy unida que valora la educación. Nuestra misión es cultivar la habilidad, el intelecto y el carácter de cada estudiante. Tenemos una mentalidad de pueblo, ya que sabemos que todos debemos trabajar juntos para garantizar la seguridad y el éxito académico, social y emocional de nuestros estudiantes. Nuestros estudiantes están rodeados de educadores fenomenales que trabajan arduamente para que cada estudiante tenga éxito. Nos esforzamos por mejorar cada día y marcar una auténtica diferencia en la vida de nuestros estudiantes, sus familias y nuestra comunidad local.
En 2008, Synergy Charter Academy recibió el Premio Académico Título 1 seguido del Premio de Escuela Distinguida de California de 2009, el Premio Nacional Blue Ribbon de 2010, la Escuela Primaria Urbana N° 1 en Estados Unidos de 2013 por NCUST, la Escuela Primaria Chárter N° 1 de 2013 en California por el Panel de rendimiento escolar de USC y la Escuela del cuadro de honor de la Asociación de resultados educativos 2018-19. Como comunidad de aprendizaje, estamos extremadamente orgullosos una vez más de ser reconocidos como Escuela Distinguida de California 2020.
¡Cosas asombrosas suceden todos los días en Synergy Charter Academy!
Jenny Mulligan

About Us

Synergy Academies is a non-profit charter school operator whose mission is to create and share solutions that eliminate the achievement gap. Synergy was founded in 2004 by two former teachers, Dr. Meg Palisoc and Dr. Randy Palisoc, who started Synergy Charter Academy (Synergy’s elementary school) in the heart of South Los Angeles to prove that inner city students could achieve academic success regardless of their backgrounds, and to share out their best practices once their students achieved academic success.
Synergy implements instructional strategies that integrate technology and focus on developing strong literacy and math skills. After its first year of operation, Synergy students’ standardized test scores were the highest in the community. Within four years, Synergy Charter Academy scores were near the top 10% of the state, and the school has remained the highest-performing, fully implemented K-5 school in South Los Angeles for the past eight years.
Synergy increased its capacity to educate over 1,300 students per year in grades K-12 by partnering with Dr. Barbara Shannon to open a middle school, Synergy Kinetic Academy, in 2008, and a high school, Synergy Quantum Academy, in 2011.
Since Synergy's middle and high schools are much larger than its elementary school, the majority of Synergy’s secondary students do not come from Synergy’s successful elementary school, but instead, they come from struggling neighborhood schools and are often performing three or more grade levels behind in reading and math when they first enroll. By again leveraging the use of technology and focusing on strategies that develop and strengthen literacy and math skills, Synergy is bringing these students up to grade level and preparing them for high school graduation and college.

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