After School All-Stars

Dear Parents,
If you are interested in enrolling your child in an after school program, Synergy has partnered with After School All-Stars (ASAS). The program starts right after dismissal, with Kindergarten beginning at 2:20PM and 1st-5th grade at 2:25PM. The program ends at 6:00PM everyday Monday-Friday. During Synergy's Noon Dismissal days (12:00PM) or Early Dismissal day (1:15PM) the program continues as usual and ends at it's regular time of 6:00PM. The only time the program does not run is on Holidays or School Breaks (Fall Break, Christmas Break, and Spring Break).
Please be aware that there are only 100 spaces available and capacity is limited to 20 students per grade. If your child does not make it into the program, ASAS has a wait list.  The wait list operates as follows: if a student drops from the program, depending on the grade level, the child that's first on the wait list for that particular grade level will be next to join the program.
The After School All-Stars Program assists students with their homework, engages students in activities such as sports, arts & crafts, science, cooking, dance, and more. ASAS also provides students with a snack. Students are allowed to bring their own healthy/nutritious snack. Please do not send your student with candy, soda, or chips
If you have additional questions about the after school program, After School All-Stars (ASAS), please contact Lisbeth Garcia at
Thank you!