Synergy Charter Academy

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After School All-Stars

Hello Parents if you are interested in putting your child in a After School Program, we do have an after school program, After School All-Stars. The program starts right after dismissal which Kindergarten is at 2:20PM and 1st-5th grade at 2:25PM and it ends at 6:00PM everyday Monday-Friday. If we have any Noon Dismissals(12:00PM) or Early Dismissals(1:15) the program will still continue and will end at it's regular time 6:00PM. The only time the program does not run is if we have a Holiday for example: Fall Break, Christmas Break, or Spring Break.
Please be aware that there is only 100 spaces available and it's only 20 students per grade. However there is a waiting list and the way the waiting list works, is if a student drops from the program depending what grade and what number your child is in the waiting list they will be next to join the program.
The After School Program contains of students getting help with their homework, also activities such as sports, arts & crafts, science, cooking, dance, and more. We also provided the students with snack. They are allowed to bring their own snack like, sandwiches, fruit or any healthy goods but please no candy, soda, or hot chips. We would like the students to have a healthy Nutrition. Thank you!